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=== [1.3.0] - 2024-01-08

==== Added
* The Submission API now has a new case management section since the bidirectional communication feature
  adds more focus on cases. {issues}/460[(planning#460)]

* The Submission API grew by two endpoints to retrieve a case / list all cases {issues}/460[(planning#460)]:
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#get-/v1/cases/-caseId-[`http get /v1/cases/<caseId>`]
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#get-/v1/cases[`http get /v1/cases`]

* The Submission API grew by several endpoints to manage / create / handle replies, a new top-level entity {issues}/460[(planning#460)]:
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#get-/v1/replies[`http get /v1/replies`] to list replies
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#post-/v1/replies[`http post /v1/replies`] to create a reply
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#get-/v1/replies/-replyId-[`http get /v1/replies/<replyId>`] to get a specific reply
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#put-/v1/replies/-replyId-[`http put /v1/replies/<replyId>`] to submit a reply
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#put-/v1/replies/-replyId-/accept[`http put /v1/replies/<replyId>/accept`] to accept a reply (as an online service)
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#put-/v1/replies/-replyId-/reject[`http put /v1/replies/<replyId>/reject`] to reject a reply (as an online service)
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#get-/v1/replies/-replyId-/attachments/-attachmentId-[`http get /v1/replies/<replyId>/attachments/<attachmentId>`] to get a reply attachment
  ** {submission-api-1_3_0}#put-/v1/replies/-replyId-/attachments/-attachmentId-[`http put /v1/replies/<replyId>/attachments/<attachmentId>`] to upload a reply attachment

* Similar to the {submission-api-1_3_0}#post-/v1/destinations[NewSubmissions callback],
  the Submission API now has a {submission-api-1_3_0}#post-/v1/submissions[NewReplies callback] that gets called
  every time a new reply is added to a case. {issues}/460[(planning#460)]

* To enable bidirectional communication, an additional reply channel was added: `fitConnect`.
  If a {submission-api-1_3_0}#post-/v1/destinations[destination supports] the `fitConnect` reply channel,
  an[online service may select it via the Metadata `replyChannel -> fitConnect`].
  For more details, check the {official-docs}. {issues}/460[(planning#460)]

==== Changed

* The Submission API now uses[OpenAPI 3.1.0].

* Consolidated Attachment and CreateAttachment entities to a common type JWE.
  This might be relevant for code generation tools.
  The content stays the same though.

* Updated lots of descriptions and examples.
  If you find more errors, please report them to[OpenCode].

* The {submission-api-1_3_0}#post-/v1/destinations[NewEvents callback] may now include
  a list of replies in the field `replies`. {issues}/460[(planning#460)]

==== Fixed

* Only CORS requests receive CORS headers. {issues}/501[(planning#501)]