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Update dependency org.springframework:spring-web to v5.3.26

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
org.springframework:spring-web 5.3.25 -> 5.3.26 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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New Features

  • Improve diagnostics in SpEL for matches operator #​30145
  • Improve diagnostics in SpEL for repeated text #​30143
  • Increase scope of regex pattern cache for the SpEL matches operator #​30141
  • Minor updates in HandlerMappingIntrospector #​30128
  • Allow SnakeYaml 2.0 runtime compatibility #​30097
  • Add missing @Nullable annotations to LogMessage.format methods #​30009
  • ASM upgrade for JDK 20/21 support #​29966
  • Allow MockRest to match header/queryParam value list with one Matcher #​29964
  • Add MockMvc.multipart() Kotlin extensions with HttpMethod #​29941
  • Release R2DBC connection when cleanup fails in transaction #​29925
  • org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader should lazily load #​29909
  • Improve generated default name for @JmsListener subscription #​29902
  • Include all Hibernate query methods in SharedEntityManagerCreator's queryTerminatingMethods set #​29888
  • SQL supplier in R2DBC DatabaseClient is eagerly invoked #​29887
  • Spring Framework 5.3.x is incompatible with Jetty 10 (Client) #​29867
  • Possible infinite forward loop with MockMvcWebConnection #​29866
  • Refine Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder#configureFeature exception handling #​29860
  • Fix R2dbcTransactionManager debug log: don't log a Mono #​29824

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes

  • RequestedContentTypeResolver does not ignore quality factor when filtering */* media types #​30121
  • SpEL: cannot call methods declared in java.lang.Object on a JDK proxy #​30118
  • CaffeineCacheManager getCache method cause thread block #​30085
  • Protect JMS connection creation against prepareConnection errors #​30051
  • ReactorServerHttpRequest does not reflect forwarded host and port when forwarding-header-strategy=native or cloud platform detected #​29974
  • WebSocket stats not updated correctly when sessions cleared #​29947
  • Explicit target ClassLoader for interface-based proxies in MvcUriComponentsBuilder #​29914
  • Closing an ApplicationContext leads to Exception at ExecutorServiceAdapter #​29908
  • Invalid Accept header results in IllegalStateException #​29836
  • JettyWebSocketCreator referenced from a method is not visible from class loader with Jetty10RequestUpgradeStrategy #​29256

📔 Documentation

  • Fix minor spacings in webflux docs #​30095
  • @AspectJ argument name resolution algorithm is outdated in reference manual #​30057
  • Fix "Configuring a Global Date and Time Format" example #​30036
  • Consistent @Bean method return type for equivalence with XML example #​29970
  • Update @DynamicPropertySource examples regarding changes in Testcontainers #​29940
  • Clarify semantics of primitivesDefaultedForNullValue in BeanPropertyRowMapper #​29926
  • Clearly document that DataClassRowMapper supports Java records #​29922
  • Outdated Javadoc for AbstractApplicationContext.postProcessBeanFactory #​29916

🔨 Dependency Upgrades

  • Upgrade to Reactor Netty 2020.0.30 #​30116


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