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chore(deps): update dotnet-azure-ad-identitymodel-extensions monorepo to v7.6.2

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
Microsoft.IdentityModel.JsonWebTokens nuget minor 7.5.1 -> 7.6.2
Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens nuget minor 7.5.1 -> 7.6.2
System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt nuget minor 7.5.1 -> 7.6.2

Release Notes

AzureAD/azure-activedirectory-identitymodel-extensions-for-dotnet (Microsoft.IdentityModel.JsonWebTokens)


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Bug Fix:
  • Revert reduced allocations in AadIssuerValidator by not using string.Replace where appropriate due to an index out-of-range error.


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New Features:
  • Added an Audiences member to the SecurityTokenDescriptor to make it easier to define multiple audiences in JWT and SAML tokens. Addresses issue #​1479 with MR #​2575
  • Add missing metadata parameters to OpenIdConnectConfiguration. See issue #​2498 for details.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix over-reporting of IDX14100. See issue #​2058 and MR #​2618 for details.
  • JwtRegisteredClaimNames now contains previously missing Standard OpenIdConnect claims. See issue #​1598 for details.
Performance Improvements:
  • No longer for every string claim, calling DateTime.TryParse on each value, whether it is expected to be a DateTime or not. See issue #​2615 for details.


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New Features:
  • Update JsonWebToken - extract and expose the method that reads the header/payload property values from the reader so it can be overridden in children classes to add any extra own logic. See issues #​2581, #​2583, and #​2495 for details.
Bug Fixes:
  • JWE header algorithm is now compliant to IANA document. See issue #​2089 for details.
Performance Improvements:
  • Reduce the number of internal array allocations that need to happen for each claim set, see MR #​2596.
  • Add an AOT compatibility check on each MR to ensure only AOT compatible code is checked-in. See MR #​2598.
  • Update perl scrip for OneBranch build. See MR #​2602.
  • Add langversion 12 to benchmark tests. See MR #​2601.
  • Removed unused build.cmd file. See MR #​2605.
  • Create CodeQL exclusions file. See MR #​2609.
  • Fix variable usage in AOT script. See MR #​2610.
  • Move Microsoft.IdentityModel.Tokens delegates to a new file. See MR #​2606


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Bug Fixes:
  • App Context Switches in Identity Model 7x are now documented here.
Performance Improvements:
  • In .NET 6 or greater, use a temporary buffer to reduce intermediate allocation in VerifyRsa/VerifyECDsa. See MR #​2589 for more details.
  • Reduce allocations in ValidateSignature by using a collection expression instead of new List<SecurityKey> { key }, to optimize for the single element case. See MR #​2586 for more details.
  • Remove Task allocation in AadIssuerValidator. See MR #​2584 for more details.


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