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fix(deps): update dependency unified to v11

Ghost User requested to merge renovate/unified-11.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
unified (source) ^10.1.2 -> ^11.0.0 age adoption passing confidence

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  • d1a915d Fix incorrect type of settings in presets

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Compare Source

  • baf80b2 Change to require Node.js 16 migrate: update too
  • dd9834a Update @types/unist migrate: update too
  • 620ccf9 Update vfile migrate: update too
Change (unlikey to affect you)
  • a44db46 Add Data, Settings types to augment shared data migrate: if you deal with data, type it, see commit for info
  • fb49556 Change to replace Buffer with Uint8Array migrate: you’re probably fine unless you use weird encodings, see commit for details if so
  • f3e71a8 Remove Attacher type migrate: use Plugin instead
  • cc53bb6 Remove FrozenProcessor type migrate: use Processor instead
  • 1aa3494 Change to yield undefined, not null migrate: expect undefined
  • 932c140 Change to use exports migrate: don’t use private APIs
  • 8e57478 Remove support for classes as compilers, parsers migrate: if you love classes, see commit message
  • 4676814 Remove support for compilers returning nullish migrate: nobody did that
  • 807ffb9 Add improved types migrate: it’s probably just better if anything changed at all
  • b35afe0 Add useful error on empty presets by @​wooorm in
  • 6f068a0 Fix to deep clone preset settings
  • 56ee288 Fix non-first parameter merging when reconfiguring plugins

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