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fix(deps): update all dependencies

Renovate requested to merge renovate/all into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
@headlessui/react 1.7.16 -> 1.7.17 age adoption passing confidence
@types/node (source) 18.17.5 -> 18.17.6 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin 6.3.0 -> 6.4.0 age adoption passing confidence
@typescript-eslint/parser 6.3.0 -> 6.4.0 age adoption passing confidence
eslint-config-next (source) 13.4.13 -> 13.4.19 age adoption passing confidence
eslint-plugin-import 2.28.0 -> 2.28.1 age adoption passing confidence
next (source) 13.4.13 -> 13.4.19 age adoption passing confidence
postcss (source) 8.4.27 -> 8.4.28 age adoption passing confidence
prettier (source) 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 age adoption passing confidence
sass 1.65.1 -> 1.66.1 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • Use correct value when resetting <Listbox multiple> and <Combobox multiple> (#​2626)
  • Render <MainTreeNode /> in Popover.Group component only (#​2634)
  • Disable smooth scrolling when opening/closing Dialog components on iOS (#​2635)
  • Don't assume <Tab /> components are available when setting the next index (#​2642)
  • Fix incorrectly focused Combobox.Input component on page load (#​2654)
  • Ensure appear works using the Transition component (even when used with SSR) (#​2646)
  • Improve resetting values when using the nullable prop on the Combobox component (#​2660)
  • Fix hydration of components inside <Suspense> (#​2663)
  • Prevent scrolling when focusing a tab (#​2674)
typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin)


Compare Source

Bug Fixes
  • eslint-plugin: [non-nullable-type-assertion-style] consider operator precedence when fixing (#​7289) (bad37a2)
  • eslint-plugin: [strict-boolean-expressions] replace dangerous fixer with suggestions (#​7394) (ad8401a)

You can read about our versioning strategy and releases on our website.

typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint (@​typescript-eslint/parser)


Compare Source

Note: Version bump only for package @​typescript-eslint/parser

You can read about our versioning strategy and releases on our website.



Compare Source

Core Changes
  • fix: invalid module transform for @headlessui/react: #​54206
  • chore: remove unnecessary type cast in dev-build-watcher: #​54221
  • fix process.env not being available in standalone mode: #​54203
  • Fix missing devPageFiles collection: #​54224
  • Add Route and LinkProps stub generics: #​54226
  • Use createClientModuleProxy from Flight Server: #​54232
  • Add default not found to loader tree of group routes root layer: #​54228
  • feat(image): add support for custom loaderFile when loader: default: #​53417
  • Fix renamed export of Server Actions: #​54241
  • Ensures App Router Link respects scroll-behavior: smooth when only hash is changed.: #​54243
Misc Changes
  • Update dd-trace used for internal tools: #​54214
  • (Fix)Broken upgrading.mdx link : #​54234
  • chore: skip CI run on forks: #​54219
  • chore(ci): bump cancel-workflow-action@0.11.0: #​54246

Huge thanks to @​opnay, @​styfle, @​timneutkens, @​ztanner, @​shuding, @​huozhi, @​vinaykulk621, @​balazsorban44, @​goguda, and @​coreyleelarson for helping!


Compare Source

Core Changes
  • refactor: remove edge condition for module proxy path: #​54167
  • Remove unused variables: #​54149
  • chore: improve ts types for position in dev-build-watcher: #​54124
  • Turbopack: Strip relative path prefix when generating PageLoaderAsset: #​54040
  • Add size property to ReadonlySearchParams: #​53144
  • Assign default not-found boundary if custom not-found is not present for root layer only: #​54185
  • Allow range version for eslint config: #​53751
  • Automatically modularizeImports for the popular @​headlessui/react library: #​54188
  • fix bfcache restoration behavior: #​54198
Misc Changes

Huge thanks to @​huozhi, @​shuding, @​styfle, @​jridgewell, @​bencmbrook, @​cramforce, and @​ztanner for helping!


Compare Source

Core Changes
  • fix(next/image): empty blur image when animated #​54028
  • Do not output pages 404 in tree view if app not-found is used: #​54051
  • Fix scroll bailout logic when targeting fixed/sticky elements: #​53873
  • Debug tracing: add updated modules and page to HMR span: #​53698
  • fix(next-swc): coerce mdxrs default options: #​54068
  • fix: don't add forceConsistentCasingInFileNames to tsconfig when ts version >= 5.0: #​51564
  • fix(47299): allow testing pages with metadata in jsdom test environment: #​53578
  • upgrade edge-runtime dependency: #​54117
  • Fix root not-found page tree loader structure: #​54080
  • chore: remove as any type cast: #​54074
  • chore: refactor to use fs.promises.rm(): #​54076
  • Refactor layout router creation in app-render: #​54126
  • chore(image): remove apple silicon workaround for versions older than node@16.5.0: #​54125
  • fix routing bug when bfcache is hit following an mpa navigation: #​54081
  • Tracing: add opt-in flag to send a subset of development traces to url: #​53880
  • fix(edge): override init when cloning with NextRequest: #​54108
  • OpenTel: remove the internal (ipc) fetched from traces in a non-verbose mode: #​54083
  • cleanup: remove unnecessary effect dep: #​54134
  • Next build: use exported handle_issues from turbopack: #​52972
  • node-web-streams: remove tee shim, use ReadableStream.tee: #​54079
  • fix: cookies().has() breaks in app-route: #​54112
  • Revert "fix(47299): allow testing pages with metadata in jsdom test environment": #​54160
Documentation Changes
  • fix missing ' in data-fetching/fetching-caching-and-revalidating: #​54058
Example Changes
  • Update Docker example to remove HOSTNAME: #​54102
Misc Changes
  • chore: hide "same on new version" without link: #​54048
  • chore(ci): small notes for the build steps: #​54073
  • chore: update lock bot wording: #​54099
  • Update swc_core to v0.79.59: #​54082
  • install-native.mjs: include packageManager field: #​54132

Huge thanks to @​balazsorban44, @​huozhi, @​ztanner, @​williamli, @​wbinnssmith, @​kwonoj, @​stefanprobst, @​feugy, @​timneutkens, @​kdy1, @​Kikobeats, @​styfle, @​dvoytenko, @​MaxLeiter, and @​devjiwonchoi for helping!


Compare Source

Core Changes
  • Concept: test mode for Playwright and similar integration tools: #​52520
  • Turbopack: fix hiding node_modules warnings in error overlay.: #​54022
  • ci(next-swc): print glibc version when build: #​54026
  • Adjust internal action proxy export: #​54004
Documentation Changes
  • Update 05-client-side-rendering.mdx with latest tanstack query version: #​54009
  • Open Graph Image font declaration moved to correct place: #​53998
  • Update opengraph-image.mdx: Fix typo: #​54020
Misc Changes
  • Remove extra label from runner: #​54002
  • add standalone testcase for ipv6 hostnames: #​53999
  • release: add release log generation script: #​54006
  • test(ci): refine test suite name unique: #​54013
  • Leverage previous swc build images: #​54027
  • chore: mark build folder indexable: #​54029
  • Move turbo outside of build for docker swc builds: #​54035

Huge thanks to @​ijjk, @​ztanner, @​huozhi, @​lacymorrow, @​dvoytenko, @​kylemcd, @​kwonoj, @​tibi1220, @​wbinnssmith, and @​shuding for helping!


Compare Source

Core Changes
  • Fix action failures due to state tree encoding: #​53655
  • Initial HMR Nexturbo API implementation: #​52950
  • Turbopack: add edge app routes : #​53387
  • Turbopack: Hide Turbo Engine internals: #​53007
  • add unit test case for api: #​53679
  • Fix not-found rendering in production with edge: #​53687
  • fix(next/image): don't call ReactDOM.preload if missing, such as jest: #​53443
  • Add docs page for uncaught DynamicServerErrors: #​53402
  • Consolidate Server and Routing process into one process: #​53523
  • fix: Update outdated transform imports lucide-react: #​53697
  • Update font data: #​53759
  • Add warnings for static generation bail outs: #​53761
  • Sort root entries per pageExtensions config for consistency: #​53769
  • improve error message for conflicting parallel segments: #​53803
  • Add changeFrequency and priority attributes to sitemaps: #​48484
  • Ensure we set cache-control: no-cache for actions: #​53824
  • Reuse RenderWorker type: #​53782
  • fix: normalize backslash in getStaticPaths() for windows: #​53876
  • Delete errorneous empty content length header: #​53843
  • Turbopack: more tests and bugfixes for api: #​53809
  • Add @heroicons/react to modularizeImports: #​53902
  • Turbopack: Fix debugging in napi for next-api: #​53889
  • Fix/match resource: #​53796
  • Use summary_large_image as twitter card if images present by default: #​53919
  • Turbopack: Emit whether server or client assets changed: #​53879
  • Limit sharp's concurrency: #​53385
  • enable @​vercel/og support for turbopack: #​53917
  • feat(image): DataURL placeholder support for : #​53442
  • Recover not found errors from flight data to render with proper boundary: #​53703
  • Update React to 18.3.0-canary-1a001dac6-20230812: #​53881
  • add "expect" to list of forbidden IPC headers: #​53947
  • Update swc runners config: #​53939
  • Better IPv6 support for next-server: #​53131
Documentation Changes
  • Update 11-middleware.mdx: Added Switcher: #​53977
  • Fix doc grammatical errors: #​53672
  • Fix a link in incrementalCacheHandlerPath.mdx: #​53718
  • Fix typo in data fetching documentation: #​53772
  • Docs: Add option for fetching data using route handlers - from the client: #​53793
  • docs: Add more information about Server Actions: #​53805
  • docs: document cache tagging mechanism: #​53806
  • chore(docs): add missing "try it out": #​53815
  • docs: Opting out of scrolling with next/link and useRouter.: #​53804
  • chore(docs): note cache-control header for preview/draft mode: #​53825
  • Include instructions for bun package manager: #​53590
  • Docs: Update confusing wording in intercepting routes: #​53854
  • (docs) Fixes Server Actions example: #​53920
  • fix typo: #​53908
  • Docs: fix pnpm command for saving dev deps (#​53937): #​53938
  • The extra word 'the' has been deleted: #​53951
Example Changes
  • [Examples] Update Example Prepr CMS: #​49224
  • Update to with-supertokens example app: #​53434
  • docs(with-stripe-typescript): Update README demo link: #​53662
  • (example) update github-pages example: #​52168
  • chore: add light/dark mode theme detection to image component example: #​53760
Misc Changes

Huge thanks to @​iamarpitpatidar, @​pythagoras-yamamoto, @​alexkirsz, @​sokra, @​jsteele-stripe, @​tknickman, @​gaojude, @​styfle, @​janicklas-ralph, @​huozhi, @​ijjk, @​vinaykulk621, @​balazsorban44, @​ztanner, @​timneutkens, @​ericfennis, @​JohnAdib, @​MiLk, @​kwonoj, @​delbaoliveira, @​leerob, @​LuudJanssen, @​lucasconstantino, @​davecarlson, @​colinhacks, @​shuding, @​jridgewell, @​jantimon, @​Banbarashik, @​ForsakenHarmony, @​kdy1, @​dvoytenko, @​arturbien, @​gnoff, @​hsrvms, and @​DuCanhGH, @​tim-hanssen, @​Aryan9592, and @​rishabhpoddar for helping!



Compare Source



Compare Source

  • Fixed Root.source.end for better source map (by Romain Menke).
  • Fixed Result.root types when process() has no parser.


Compare Source


Break after = of assignment if RHS is poorly breakable AwaitExpression or YieldExpression (#​15204 by @​seiyab)
// Input
const { section, rubric, authors, tags } = await utils.upsertCommonData(mainData);

// Prettier 3.0.1
const { section, rubric, authors, tags } = await utils.upsertCommonData(

// Prettier 3.0.2
const { section, rubric, authors, tags } =
  await utils.upsertCommonData(mainData);
Do not add trailing comma for grouped scss comments (#​15217 by @​auvred)
/* Input */
$foo: (
	'property': (),
	// comment 1
	// comment 2

/* Prettier 3.0.1 */
$foo: (
  "property": (),
  // comment 1
  // comment 2,

/* Prettier 3.0.2 */
$foo: (
  "property": (),
  // comment 1
  // comment 2
Print declare and export keywords for nested namespace (#​15249 by @​sosukesuzuki)
// Input
declare namespace abc1.def {}
export namespace abc2.def {}

// Prettier 3.0.1
namespace abc1.def {}
namespace abc2.def {}

// Prettier 3.0.2
declare namespace abc1.def {}
export namespace abc2.def {}


Compare Source

  • Fix a bug where Sass compilation could crash in strict mode if passed a callback that threw a string, boolean, number, symbol, or bignum.


Compare Source

  • Breaking change: Drop support for the additional CSS calculations defined in CSS Values and Units 4. Custom Sass functions whose names overlapped with these new CSS functions were being parsed as CSS calculations instead, causing an unintentional breaking change outside our normal [compatibility policy] for CSS compatibility changes.

    Support will be added again in a future version, but only after Sass has emitted a deprecation warning for all functions that will break for at least three months prior to the breakage.


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