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chore(deps): update all dependencies

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
@types/node (source) 18.17.2 -> 18.17.3 age adoption passing confidence
contentful (source) 10.4.0 -> 10.4.1 age adoption passing confidence
contentful-cli 2.6.37 -> 2.6.38 age adoption passing confidence
eslint-config-next (source) 13.4.12 -> 13.4.13 age adoption passing confidence
next (source) 13.4.12 -> 13.4.13 age adoption passing confidence

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Core Changes
  • Improve internal web stream utils: #​53004
  • fix: Add Next-Url to http vary in consideration of intercept routes.: #​52746
  • update Turbopack: #​53098
  • Add app, error, and document entrypoints: #​53013
  • Turbopack: use edge environment in server-side rendering of client components too: #​53099
  • refactor(codemod): replace chalk with picocolors: #​53115
  • move webpack specific logic into a separate file: #​53114
  • feat(turbopack): emit MODULE_FEATURE telemetry from turbopack: #​52356
  • Fix not found hangs the build with overridden node env: #​53106
  • chore: update warning message from yarn add sharp to npm i sharp: #​53130
  • fix(edge): allow Request cloning via NextRequest: #​53157
  • chore: extract common get-validated-args: #​53165
  • Fix minimal basePath handling: #​53174
  • Updates @​typescript-eslint/parser to 6.1.0: #​52848
  • fix(next/image): washed out blur placeholder: #​52583
  • Handle basePath app-dir minimal case: #​53189
Documentation Changes
  • (Docs) add missing import.: #​52992
  • Fix formData code snippet in route handler docs: #​52532
  • docs: remove unneeded good to know section during installation: #​53078
  • docs: fix typo in 08-parallel-routes.mdx: #​53069
  • chore(docs): Extend the options for custom server init: #​52851
  • (Docs) Add missing import for useRef(): #​53015
  • (Docs) Remove FormData type on formData defined in .js file: #​53014
  • docs: fix codeblock for redirect: #​53120
  • chore(docs): client-side data fetching loading state: #​53164
Example Changes
  • feat: remove unused global variable: #​51767
Misc Changes
  • chore(ci): always run validate-docs-links action: #​53022
  • update install-native postinstall to use pnpm: #​53080
  • chore(ci): make validate-docs-links required: #​53123
  • chore(test): fix flaky tsconfig.json test: #​53132
  • chore(ci): fix validate-docs-links for non-MR: #​53129
  • Temporarily skip flakey action revalidate: #​53134

Huge thanks to @​vinaykulk621, @​Lantianyou, @​styfle, @​shuding, @​joulev, @​AkifumiSato, @​trigaten, @​HurSungYun, @​DevLab2425, @​sokra, @​alexkirsz, @​ztanner, @​leerob, @​SukkaW, @​kwonoj, @​huozhi, @​ijjk, @​balazsorban44, @​daniel-web-developer, @​ky1ejs, and @​arturbien for helping!


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