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Update dependency @headlessui/react to v1.7.15 - autoclosed

Renovate requested to merge renovate/headlessui-react-1.x-lockfile into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
@headlessui/react 1.5.0 -> 1.7.15 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • [internal] add demo mode to Menu and Popover components (#​2448)
  • Ensure FocusTrap is only active when the given enabled value is true (#​2456)
  • Stop <Transition appear> from overwriting classes on re-render (#​2457)
  • Improve control over Menu and Listbox options while searching (#​2471)
  • Consider clicks inside iframes to be "outside" (#​2485)
  • Ensure moving focus within a Portal component, does not close the Popover component (#​2492)
  • Move types condition to the front (#​2469)


Compare Source

  • Fix focus styles showing up when using the mouse (#​2347)
  • Fix "Can't perform a React state update on an unmounted component." when using the Transition component (#​2374)
  • Add FocusTrap event listeners once document has loaded (#​2389)
  • Fix className hydration for <Transition appear> (#​2390)
  • Improve Combobox types to improve false positives (#​2411)
  • Merge className correctly when it’s a function (#​2412)
  • Correctly handle IME composition in <Combobox.Input> (#​2426)
  • Add form prop to form-like components such as RadioGroup, Switch, Listbox, and Combobox (#​2356)


Compare Source

  • Ensure Transition component completes if nothing is transitioning (#​2318)
  • Enable native label behavior for <Switch> where possible (#​2265)
  • Allow root containers from the Dialog component in the FocusTrap component (#​2322)
  • Fix XYZPropsWeControl and cleanup internal TypeScript types (#​2329)
  • Fix invalid warning when using multiple Popover.Button components inside a Popover.Panel (#​2333)
  • Fix restore focus to buttons in Safari, when Dialog component closes (#​2326)


Compare Source

  • Add explicit props types for every component (#​2282)
  • Ensure the main tree and parent Dialog components are marked as inert (#​2290)
  • Fix nested Popover components not opening (#​2293)
  • Make React types more compatible with other libraries (#​2282)
  • Fix Dialog cleanup when the Dialog becomes hidden (#​2303)


Compare Source

  • Ensure we handle null values for the dataRef correctly (#​2258)
  • Move aria-multiselectable to [role=listbox] in the Combobox component (#​2271)
  • Re-focus Combobox.Input when a Combobox.Option is selected (#​2272)
  • Ensure we reset the activeOptionIndex if the active option is unmounted (#​2274)
  • Improve Ref type for forwarded Switch's ref (#​2277)
  • Start cleanup phase of the Dialog component when going into the Closing state (#​2264)


Compare Source

  • Revert "Use the import * as React from 'react' pattern (#​2242)


Compare Source

  • Fix SSR tab hydration when using Strict Mode in development (#​2231)
  • Don't break overflow when multiple dialogs are open at the same time (#​2215)
  • Fix "This Suspense boundary received an update before it finished hydrating" error in the Disclosure component (#​2238)
  • Use the import * as React from 'react' pattern (#​2242)


Compare Source

  • Fix SSR tab rendering on React 17 (#​2102)
  • Fix arrow key handling in Tab (after DOM order changes) (#​2145)
  • Fix false positive warning about using multiple <Popover.Button> components (#​2146)
  • Fix Tab key with non focusable elements in Popover.Panel (#​2147)
  • Fix false positive warning when using <Popover.Button /> in React 17 (#​2163)
  • Fix failed to removeChild on Node bug (#​2164)
  • Don’t overwrite classes during SSR when rendering fragments (#​2173)
  • Improve Combobox accessibility (#​2153)
  • Fix crash when reading headlessuiFocusGuard of relatedTarget in the FocusTrap component (#​2203)
  • Fix FocusTrap in Dialog when there is only 1 focusable element (#​2172)
  • Improve Tabs wrapping around when controlling the component and overflowing the selectedIndex (#​2213)
  • Fix shadow-root bug closing Dialog containers (#​2217)
  • Allow setting tabIndex on the Tab.Panel (#​2214)


Compare Source

  • Improve scroll restoration after Dialog closes (b20e48dd)


Compare Source

  • Fix regression where displayValue crashes (#​2087)
  • Fix displayValue syncing when Combobox.Input is unmounted and re-mounted in different trees (#​2090)
  • Fix FocusTrap escape due to strange tabindex values (#​2093)
  • Improve scroll locking on iOS (#​2100, 28234b0e)


Compare Source

  • Reset form-like components when the parent <form> resets (#​2004)
  • Add warning when using <Popover.Button /> multiple times (#​2007)
  • Ensure Popover doesn't crash when focus is going to window (#​2019)
  • Ensure shift+home and shift+end works as expected in the Combobox.Input component (#​2024)
  • Improve syncing of the Combobox.Input value (#​2042)
  • Fix crash when using multiple mode without value prop (uncontrolled) for Listbox and Combobox components (#​2058)
  • Apply enter and enterFrom classes in SSR for Transition component (#​2059)
  • Allow passing in your own id prop (#​2060)
  • Fix Dialog unmounting problem due to incorrect transitioncancel event in the Transition component on Android (#​2071)
  • Ignore pointer events in Listbox, Menu, and Combobox when cursor hasn't moved (#​2069)
  • Allow clicks inside dialog panel when target is inside shadow root (#​2079)


Compare Source

  • Fix <Popover.Button as={Fragment} /> crash (#​1889)
  • Expose close function for Menu and Menu.Item components (#​1897)
  • Fix useOutsideClick, add improvements for ShadowDOM (#​1914)
  • Fire <Combobox.Input>'s onChange handler when changing the value internally (#​1916)
  • Add client-only to mark everything as client components (#​1981)
  • Warn when changing components between controlled and uncontrolled (#​1878)


Compare Source

  • Improve Portal detection for Popover components (#​1842)
  • Fix useOutsideClick swallowing events inside ShadowDOM (#​1876)
  • Fix Tab incorrectly activating on focus event (#​1887)


Compare Source

  • Prevent option selection in Combobox.Input while composing (#​1850)
  • Ensure we handle the static prop in Tab.Panel components correctly (#​1856)


Compare Source

  • [internal] add demo mode to Menu and Popover components (#​2448)
  • Ensure FocusTrap is only active when the given enabled value is true (#​2456)
  • Stop <Transition appear> from overwriting classes on re-render (#​2457)
  • Improve control over Menu and Listbox options while searching (#​2471)
  • Consider clicks inside iframes to be "outside" (#​2485)
  • Ensure moving focus within a Portal component, does not close the Popover component (#​2492)
  • Move types condition to the front (#​2469)


Compare Source

  • Fixed SSR support on Deno (#​1671)
  • Don’t close dialog when opened during mouse up event (#​1667)
  • Don’t close dialog when drag ends outside dialog (#​1667)
  • Fix outside clicks to close dialog when nested, unopened dialogs are present (#​1667)
  • Close Menu component when using tab key (#​1673)
  • Resync input when display value changes (#​1679, #​1755)
  • Ensure controlled Tabs don't change automagically (#​1680)
  • Don't scroll lock when a Transition + Dialog is mounted but hidden (#​1681)
  • Allow Popover close to be passed directly to onClick handlers (#​1696)
  • Improve outside click on Safari iOS (#​1712)
  • Improve event handler merging (#​1715)
  • Fix incorrect scrolling to the bottom when opening a Dialog (#​1716)
  • Improve Combobox re-opening keyboard issue on mobile (#​1732)
  • Ensure Disclosure.Panel is properly linked (#​1747)
  • Only select the active option when using "singular" mode when pressing <tab> in the Combobox component (#​1750)
  • Improve the types of the Combobox component (#​1761)
  • Only restore focus to the Menu.Button if necessary when activating a Menu.Option (#​1782)
  • Don't scroll when wrapping around in focus trap (#​1789)
  • Fix Transition component's incorrect cleanup and order of events (#​1803)
  • Ensure enter transitions work when using unmount={false} (#​1811)
  • Improve accessibility when announcing Listbox.Option and Combobox.Option components (#​1812)
  • Fix ref stealing from children (#​1820)
  • Expose the value from the Combobox and Listbox components render prop (#​1822)
  • Improve scroll lock on iOS (#​1824)
  • Fix maximum call stack size exceeded error on Tab component when using as={Fragment} (#​1826)
  • Fix "blank" screen on initial load of Transition component (#​1823)


Compare Source

  • Ensure CMD+Backspace works in nullable mode for Combobox component (#​1617)


Compare Source

  • Fix incorrect transitionend/transitioncancel events for the Transition component (#​1537)
  • Improve outside click of Dialog component (#​1546)
  • Detect outside clicks from within <iframe> elements (#​1552)
  • Improve Combobox input cursor position (#​1574)
  • Fix scrolling issue in Tab component when using arrow keys (#​1584)


Compare Source

  • Ensure Escape propagates correctly in Combobox component (#​1511)
  • Remove leftover code in Combobox component (#​1514)
  • Fix event handlers with arity > 1 (#​1515)
  • Fix transition enter bug (#​1519)
  • Fix render prop data in RadioGroup component (#​1522)


Compare Source

  • Allow to override the type on the Combobox.Input (#​1476)
  • Ensure the the <Popover.Panel focus> closes correctly (#​1477)
  • Only render the FocusSentinel if required in the Tabs component (#​1493)
  • Ensure the Transition stops once DOM Nodes are hidden (#​1500)


Compare Source

  • Fix closing of Popover.Panel in React 18 (#​1409)
  • Ignore Escape when event got prevented in Dialog component (#​1424)
  • Improve FocusTrap behaviour (#​1432)
  • Simplify Popover Tab logic by using sentinel nodes instead of keydown event interception (#​1440)
  • Ensure the Popover.Panel is clickable without closing the Popover (#​1443)
  • Improve "Scroll lock" scrollbar width for Dialog component (#​1457)
  • Make the ref optional in the Popover component (#​1465)
  • Ensure the ref is forwarded on the Transition.Child component (#​1473)


Compare Source

  • Fix hydration issue with Tab component (#​1393)


Compare Source

  • Ensure that you can add the ref prop to all components (#​1116)
  • Ensure links are triggered inside Popover.Panel components (#​1153)
  • Improve SSR for Tab component (#​1155)
  • Fix hover scroll issue in Listbox, Combobox and Menu components (#​1161)
  • Guarantee DOM sort order when performing Listbox, Combobox and Menu actions (#​1168)
  • Fix <Transition> flickering issue (#​1118)
  • Improve outside click support (#​1175)
  • Ensure that appear prop on the <Transition> component works regardless of multiple rerenders (#​1179)
  • Reset Combobox.Input when the value gets reset (#​1181)
  • Fix double beforeEnter callback on the <Transition> component caused by SSR (#​1183)
  • Adjust active item/option index on Listbox, Combobox and Menu components (#​1184)
  • Only activate the Tab on mouseup (#​1192)
  • Ignore "outside click" on removed elements (#​1193)
  • Remove focus() from Listbox.Option (#​1218)
  • Improve some internal code (#​1221)
  • Use ownerDocument instead of document (#​1158)
  • Ensure focus trapping plays well with the Tab and Dialog components (#​1231)
  • Improve syncing of Combobox.Input value (#​1248)
  • Fix tree-shaking support (#​1247)
  • Stop propagation on the Popover.Button (#​1263)
  • Fix incorrect active option in the Listbox and Combobox components (#​1264)
  • Properly merge incoming props (#​1265)
  • Fix incorrect closing while interacting with third party libraries in Dialog component (#​1268)
  • Mimic browser select on focus when navigating the Tab component (#​1272)
  • Ensure that there is always an active option in the Combobox (#​1279, #​1281)
  • Support classic form submissions in RadioGroup, Switch and Combobox components (#​1285)
  • Add React 18 compatibility (#​1326)
  • Fix open/closed state issue in Dialog (#​1360)
  • Add classic form submission compatibility via new hidden inputs (#​1214)
  • Add multiple value support to Listbox and Combobox components (#​1243, #​1355)
  • Add support for clearing the value of a Combobox (#​1295)
  • Add Dialog.Backdrop and Dialog.Panel components (#​1333)


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