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fix(deps): update dependency tailwindcss to v3.4.1 - autoclosed

Renovate requested to merge renovate/tailwindcss-3.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
tailwindcss (source) dependencies minor 3.3.2 -> 3.4.1

Release Notes

tailwindlabs/tailwindcss (tailwindcss)


Compare Source

  • Don't remove keyframe stops when using important utilities (#​12639)
  • Don't add spaces to gradients and grid track names when followed by calc() (#​12704)
  • Restore old behavior for class dark mode strategy (#​12717)
  • Improve glob handling for folders with (, ), [ or ] in the file path (#​12715)
  • Add new selector and variant strategies for dark mode (#​12717)
  • Support rtl and ltr variants on same element as dir attribute (#​12717)


Compare Source

  • Add svh, lvh, and dvh values to default height/min-height/max-height theme (#​11317)
  • Add has-* variants for :has(...) pseudo-class (#​11318)
  • Add text-wrap utilities including text-balance and text-pretty (#​11320, #​12031)
  • Extend default opacity scale to include all steps of 5 (#​11832)
  • Update Preflight html styles to include shadow DOM :host pseudo-class (#​11200)
  • Increase default values for grid-rows-* utilities from 1–6 to 1–12 (#​12180)
  • Add size-* utilities (#​12287)
  • Add utilities for CSS subgrid (#​12298)
  • Add spacing scale to min-w-*, min-h-*, and max-w-* utilities (#​12300)
  • Add forced-color-adjust utilities (#​11931)
  • Add forced-colors variant (#​11694, #​12582)
  • Add appearance-auto utility (#​12404)
  • Add logical property values for float and clear utilities (#​12480)
  • Add * variant for targeting direct children (#​12551)
  • Simplify the sans font-family stack (#​11748)
  • Disable the tap highlight overlay on iOS (#​12299)
  • Improve relative precedence of rtl, ltr, forced-colors, and dark variants (#​12584)


Compare Source

  • Fix support for container query utilities with arbitrary values (#​12534)
  • Fix custom config loading in Standalone CLI (#​12616)


Compare Source

  • Don’t add spaces to negative numbers following a comma (#​12324)
  • Don't emit @config in CSS when watching via the CLI (#​12327)
  • Improve types for resolveConfig (#​12272)
  • Ensure configured font-feature-settings for mono are included in Preflight (#​12342)
  • Improve candidate detection in minified JS arrays (without spaces) (#​12396)
  • Don't crash when given applying a variant to a negated version of a simple utility (#​12514)
  • Fix support for slashes in arbitrary modifiers (#​12515)
  • Fix source maps of variant utilities that come from an @layer rule (#​12508)
  • Fix loading of built-in plugins when using an ESM or TypeScript config with the Standalone CLI (#​12506)


Compare Source

  • Fix incorrect spaces around - in calc() expression (#​12283)


Compare Source

  • Improve normalisation of calc()-like functions (#​11686)
  • Skip calc() normalisation in nested theme() calls (#​11705)
  • Fix incorrectly generated CSS when using square brackets inside arbitrary properties (#​11709)
  • Make content optional for presets in TypeScript types (#​11730)
  • Handle variable colors that have variable fallback values (#​12049)
  • Batch reading content files to prevent too many open files error (#​12079)
  • Skip over classes inside :not(…) when nested in an at-rule (#​12105)
  • Update types to work with Node16 module resolution (#​12097)
  • Don’t crash when important and parent selectors are equal in @apply (#​12112)
  • Eliminate irrelevant rules when applying variants (#​12113)
  • Improve RegEx parser, reduce possibilities as the key for arbitrary properties (#​12121)
  • Fix sorting of utilities that share multiple candidates (#​12173)
  • Ensure variants with arbitrary values and a modifier are correctly matched in the RegEx based parser (#​12179)
  • Fix crash when watching renamed files on FreeBSD (#​12193)
  • Allow plugins from a parent document to be used in an iframe (#​12208)
  • Add types for tailwindcss/nesting (#​12269)
  • Bump jiti, fast-glob, and browserlist dependencies (#​11550)
  • Improve automatic var injection for properties that accept a <dashed-ident> (#​12236)


Compare Source

  • Fix issue where some pseudo-element variants generated the wrong selector (#​10943, #​10962, #​11111)
  • Make font settings propagate into buttons, inputs, etc. (#​10940)
  • Fix parsing of theme() inside calc() when there are no spaces around operators (#​11157)
  • Ensure repeating-conic-gradient is detected as an image (#​11180)
  • Move unknown pseudo-elements outside of :is by default (#​11345)
  • Escape animation names when prefixes contain special characters (#​11470)
  • Don't prefix arbitrary classes in group and peer variants (#​11454)
  • Sort classes using position of first matching rule (#​11504)
  • Allow variant to be an at-rule without a prelude (#​11589)
  • Make PostCSS plugin async to improve performance (#​11548)
  • Don’t error when a config file is missing (f97759f)
  • Reset padding for <dialog> elements in preflight (#​11069)


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