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fix(deps): update dependency tailwindcss to v3.3.1 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
tailwindcss (source) 3.2.4 -> 3.3.1 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • Fix edge case bug when loading a TypeScript config file with webpack (#​10898)
  • Fix variant, @apply, and important selectors when using :is() or :has() with pseudo-elements (#​10903)
  • Fix safelist config types (#​10901)
  • Fix build errors caused by @tailwindcss/line-clamp warning (#​10915, #​10919)
  • Fix "process is not defined" error (#​10919)


Compare Source

  • Support ESM and TypeScript config files (#​10785)
  • Extend default color palette with new 950 shades (#​10879)
  • Add line-height modifier support to font-size utilities (#​9875)
  • Add support for using variables as arbitrary values without var(...) (#​9880, #​9962)
  • Add logical properties support for inline direction (#​10166)
  • Add hyphens utilities (#​10071)
  • Add from-{position}, via-{position} and to-{position} utilities (#​10886)
  • Add list-style-image utilities (#​10817)
  • Add caption-side utilities (#​10470)
  • Add line-clamp utilities from @tailwindcss/line-clamp to core (#​10768, #​10876, #​10862)
  • Add delay-0 and duration-0 utilities (#​10294)
  • Add justify-normal and justify-stretch utilities (#​10560)
  • Add content-normal and content-stretch utilities (#​10645)
  • Add whitespace-break-spaces utility (#​10729)
  • Add support for configuring default font-variation-settings for a font-family (#​10034, #​10515)
  • Disallow using multiple selectors in arbitrary variants (#​10655)
  • Sort class lists deterministically for Prettier plugin (#​10672)
  • Ensure CLI builds have a non-zero exit code on failure (#​10703)
  • Ensure module dependencies for value null, is an empty Set (#​10877)
  • Fix format assumption when resolving module dependencies (#​10878)
  • Mark rtl and ltr variants as stable and remove warnings (#​10764)
  • Use inset instead of top, right, bottom, and left properties (#​10765)
  • Make dark and rtl/ltr variants insensitive to DOM order (#​10766)
  • Use :is to make important selector option insensitive to DOM order (#​10835)


Compare Source

  • Fix use of :where(.btn) when matching !btn (#​10601)
  • Revert including outline-color in transition and transition-colors by default (#​10604)


Compare Source

  • Fix installation failing with yarn and pnpm by dropping oxide-api-shim (add1636)


Compare Source

  • Add standalone CLI build for 64-bit Windows on ARM (node16-win-arm64) (#​10001)
  • Cleanup unused variantOrder (#​9829)
  • Fix foo-[abc]/[def] not being handled correctly (#​9866)
  • Add container queries plugin to standalone CLI (#​9865)
  • Support renaming of output files by PostCSS plugins in CLI (#​9944)
  • Improve return value of resolveConfig, unwrap ResolvableTo (#​9972)
  • Clip unbalanced brackets in arbitrary values (#​9973)
  • Don’t reorder webkit scrollbar pseudo elements (#​9991)
  • Deterministic sorting of arbitrary variants (#​10016)
  • Add data key to theme types (#​10023)
  • Prevent invalid arbitrary variant selectors from failing the build (#​10059)
  • Properly handle subtraction followed by a variable (#​10074)
  • Fix missing string[] in the theme.dropShadow types (#​10072)
  • Update list of length units (#​10100)
  • Fix not matching arbitrary properties when closely followed by square brackets (#​10212)
  • Allow direct nesting in root or @layer nodes (#​10229)
  • Don't prefix classes in arbitrary variants (#​10214)
  • Fix perf regression when checking for changed content (#​10234)
  • Fix missing blocklist member in the Config type (#​10239)
  • Escape group names in selectors (#​10276)
  • Consider earlier variants before sorting functions (#​10288)
  • Allow variants with slashes (#​10336)
  • Ensure generated CSS is always sorted in the same order for a given set of templates (#​10382)
  • Handle variants when the same class appears multiple times in a selector (#​10397)
  • Handle group/peer variants with quoted strings (#​10400)
  • Parse alpha value from rgba/hsla colors when using variables (#​10429)
  • Sort by layer inside variants layer (#​10505)
  • Add --watch=always option to prevent exit when stdin closes (#​9966)
  • Alphabetize theme keys in default config (#​9953)
  • Update esbuild to v17 (#​10368)
  • Include outline-color in transition and transition-colors utilities (#​10385)


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