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fix(deps): update dependency sass to v1.62.0 - autoclosed

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sass 1.57.1 -> 1.62.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes



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  • Deprecate the use of multiple !global or !default flags on the same variable. This deprecation is named duplicate-var-flags.

  • Allow special numbers like var() or calc() in the global functions: grayscale(), invert(), saturate(), and opacity(). These are also native CSS filter functions. This is in addition to number values which were already allowed.

  • Fix a cosmetic bug where an outer rule could be duplicated after nesting was resolved, instead of re-using a shared rule.


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  • Potentially breaking change: Drop support for End-of-Life Node.js 12.

  • Fix remaining cases for the performance regression introduced in 1.59.0.

Embedded Sass
  • The JS embedded host now loads files from the working directory when using the legacy API.


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  • Add support for the pi, e, infinity, -infinity, and NaN constants in calculations. These will be interpreted as the corresponding numbers.

  • Add support for unknown constants in calculations. These will be interpreted as unquoted strings.

  • Serialize numbers with value infinity, -infinity, and NaN to calc() expressions rather than CSS-invalid identifiers. Numbers with complex units still can't be serialized.


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  • Fix a performance regression introduced in 1.59.0.

  • The NPM release of 1.59.0 dropped support for Node 12 without actually indicating so in its pubspec. This release temporarily adds back support so that the latest Sass version that declares it supports Node 12 actually does so. However, Node 12 is now end-of-life, so we will drop support for it properly in an upcoming release.


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  • No user-visible changes.


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  • No user-visible changes.


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Command Line Interface
  • Added a new --fatal-deprecation flag that lets you treat a deprecation warning as an error. You can pass an individual deprecation ID (e.g. slash-div) or you can pass a Dart Sass version to treat all deprecations initially emitted in that version or earlier as errors.

  • New --future-deprecation flag that lets you opt into warning for use of certain features that will be deprecated in the future. At the moment, the only option is --future-deprecation=import, which will emit warnings for Sass @import rules, which are not yet deprecated, but will be in the future.

Dart API
  • New Deprecation enum, which contains the different current and future deprecations used by the new CLI flags.

  • The compile methods now take in fatalDeprecations and futureDeprecations parameters, which work similarly to the CLI flags.


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  • No user-visible changes.


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Command Line Interface
  • Add a timestamp to messages printed in --watch mode.

  • Print better calc()-based suggestions for /-as-division expression that contain calculation-incompatible constructs like unary minus.


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  • Emit a unitless hue when serializing hsl() colors. The deg unit is incompatible with IE, and while that officially falls outside our compatibility policy, it's better to lean towards greater compatibility.


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  • Remove sourcemap comments from Sass sources. The generated sourcemap comment for the compiled CSS output remains unaffected.

  • Fix a bug in @extend logic where certain selectors with three or more combinators were incorrectly considered superselectors of similar selectors with fewer combinators, causing them to be incorrectly trimmed from the output.

  • Produce a better error message for a number with a leading + or -, a decimal point, but no digits.

  • Produce a better error message for a nested property whose name starts with --.

  • Fix a crash when a selector ends in an escaped backslash.

  • Add the relative length units from CSS Values 4 and CSS Contain 3 as known units to validate bad computation in calc.

Command Line Interface
  • The --watch flag will now track loads through calls to meta.load-css() as long as their URLs are literal strings without any interpolation.


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