Commit 9cc4c007 authored by René Rösner's avatar René Rösner
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FIX: License correction(planning#354)

parent e0d49329
Files: .env.example .gitignore package.json yarn.lock
ci/* components/* lib/* pages/* views/*.tsx styles/*.scss
ci/* components/* lib/contentful/* lib/utils/* lib/assets/data/* pages/* views/*.tsx styles/*.scss
public/*.png public/*.svg public/*.svg public/robots.txt
*.js *.ts
Copyright: 2022 FIT-Connect contributors
License: EUPL-1.2
\ No newline at end of file
License: EUPL-1.2
Files: lib/assets/fonts/Montserrat/*
Copyright: 2011 The Montserrat Project Authors
License: OFL-1.1
\ No newline at end of file
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